Everything is sweeter when you get to share it. Together, we're stronger, more talented, more creative, more awesome.

Moments are funnier, more memorable, simply more awesome!


To celebrate togetherness, we’ve chosen some awesome women to share with whom they’ve had a great experience.

Moments which was more awesome together.


Who are you going to share a Girls tee with, to celebrate your togetherness? Your friend, your mom, your sister or your colleague?

Celebrate all the awesome women in your life!

  1. Marie Jedig

    Copenhagen based influencer & musical enthusiast


    Anne was love at first sight, and it has been a love story ever since. The memories I remember the best are our many journeys together. Anne is the perfect travel buddy. Intuitively, our minds and bodies tune into each other, and make us do the same things at the same time - and we share the same taste in almost everything. I love that we can share food, want to shop the same places, and are interested in the same attractions. Anne is the perfect example that finding new best friends is a lifelong journey. Even though we only have known each other for four years, I feel like it has been forever. I imagine us growing old together - walking arm in arm in our pastel colored outfits as 80 year olds.

  1. Astrid Olsen

    Youtuber, influencer & beauty guru


    I would like to share with you a person who is close to my heart - my friend Laura. Laura is simply fantastic, and we have already created an ocean of memories. My favorite memory goes back to the beginning, to the first time we met. Laura showed up to my jewelry launch, and asked me out for coffee afterwards, something I have never regretted saying yes to. I had not met her before then but I am grateful for that first coffee, because now I cannot imagine my life without her. Thank you for being you, Laura.

  1. Amalie Fischer

    Digital content creator & fashionable fairy


    I have been through a lot with this girl – travels, nights out on the town, love, break-ups, birthdays, sleepovers, hangovers, Sex & The City re-runs – you name it! She means the world to me, and I know she will be in my life forever. I hope that everybody has a Serina in their life – because there is nothing better or more important than a best friend.

  1. Anna Reinholdt

    Jewellery designer & general boss lady


    We have created unforgettable memories, and every single moment I have spend with you, Molly, is memorable. One of my favorite togetherness moments is from the very first time we met - a hot summer night at a festival. Dancing together under the stars to the early morning, forgetting time and place. Now, I cannot even imagine not meeting you that night, having the time of my life, without a care in the world. And I cannot imagine not being able to call you up, asking you to come over for a cup of tea and a movie night in bed.

  1. Sus Wilkins

    Actress, model & dancing queen


    I have known Marline for 12 years, but it was not until we turned 20 that we genuinely liked each other. Even though it took us some time to get there, I cannot imagine my life without her now. I am not exaggerating when I say that we would not be who we are today if we did not have each other. She is the kind of friend you can have a 3 hour phone conversation with, without having anything to say. Time just flies. She is the one I have laughed the most with, but more importantly she is my person. We are always there for each other no matter what, and if I should pick a bridesmaid she would be my obvious choice. Our latest and dearest memory is from our latest trip to Cape Town. Back in January, I left for Africa to work for 2 months, and Marline traveled around the world to see me. It turned out to be the best and most memorable vacation because we did it together. I love you, Marline.

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